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This is an optional section that DOES NOT have to be completed in order to register for WDD Online Defensive Drving.


Cost to order the driving record is $24.95




By accepting these terms and conditions I hereby certify that I granted access on this one occasion to my Driver License/ID Card record, inclusive of the personal information (name, address, driver identification number, etc.) to Wirelessdrive.com LLC.

You may only order your own personal driving record through Wirelessdrive.com LLC. Anyone attempting to access driving records other than their own may be subject to severe penalties under applicable federal and state law. Submitting a driver record request to Wirelessdrive.com LLC authorizes Wirelessdrive.com LLC to provide you with a copy of your current driver's record. You acknowledge that Wirelessdrive.com LLC is furnishing records and information “as is” and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of any record or the information furnished. Wirelessdrive.com LLC or its affiliated companies, officers, directors, employees, agents, information providers or suppliers expressly disclaims responsibility for any failure to deliver records or information in a timely manner, or at all, in the event of staff shortages, breakdowns of equipment, compliance with new or amended laws, acts of authority exercised by a public official, acts of God, or other circumstances which may delay or preclude furnishing records and information in a timely manner. If records and information are not furnished and the student has paid in full, a full refund will be provided to the student. Wirelessdrive.com LLC has no further liability or responsibility to the student with respect to undelivered records and information and has no liability or responsibility whatsoever for delayed records and information.

Information Source and Accuracy
Wirelessdrive.com LLC only gathers driving records for the students who request us to do so to fulfill the request by a court for the dismissal of a traffic ticket in conjunction with a certificate of completion from a defensive driving course for an individual only. Wirelessdrive.com LLC is not able to pull driving records for commercial, suspended, or revoked drivers’ licenses.

No refunds will be given and you will not be allowed to re-submit your request for your driver record without additional charges for a new order. Any error or misinformation submitted to us by you, once submitted to the State by Wirelessdrive.com LLC, shall constitute a request. Each time a request is placed with the State, a new payment will be required. Wirelessdrive.com LLC incurs a charge each time a record is processed and cannot recover any fees collected by the State regardless of the results of the record processing. It is your sole responsibility to provide accurate and complete information to Wirelessdrive.com LLC. Any request unable to be fulfilled due to incomplete or inaccurate information by the student will be accessed a nonrefundable handling fee of $7.00 (seven dollars) if errors are not corrected within 30 days of payment.

When submitting a request for your driving record throughWirelessdrive.com LLC, you agree that you will indemnify and hold harmless Wirelessdrive.com LLC , its affiliated companies and their officers, directors, employees and shareholders from any and all damages, fines, penalties or any other liabilities imposed by local, state or federal laws or regulations or claimed by any third party, including attorney’s fees, which result from, or arise out of, your providing your personal data or information, or your use of the driving records, which were obtained through Wirelessdrive.com LLC.

Service Agreement
By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to abide by all applicable local, state and federal laws with regard to the driving record you are ordering and will not share this information with any third parties. You further certify that: the information you obtain from us will be used by you (and by any party to whom you furnish information) only for "permissible purposes" as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under Section 621 (a) (2) (A) of the FCRA - any person who violates any of the provisions of the FCRA may be liable for a civil penalty of not more than a two year jail sentence and $2,500 per violation. You agree not to use the data obtained through Wirelessdrive.com LLC for any unlawful purposes, including but not limited to, violations of state and federal employment laws and provisions applicable to the FCRA. You also agree and understand that our systems, or those of the State, may experience occasional downtime due to maintenance, network connectivity or other issues.


Payment Information

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School Name: Wireless Defensive Driving      Course Name: wirelessdriving.com Wirelessdefensivedriving.com , hereinafter referred to as "school," hereby agrees to provide the parties, hereinafter referred to as "students," with six (6) clock hours of driving safety instruction upon receipt of the entire cost of the course. The cost of the course includes all required instructional materials where applicable. Any duplicate of the certificate of completion must be requested from the Course Provider. The fee for a duplicate certificate is $15. If the student requests a duplicate within 30 days of the date of issue of the original certificate because the original was not received or was damaged so as to be unusable or was issued with errors due to no fault of the student, the course provider shall issue the duplicate at no cost to the student.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A full refund will be made to any student who contacts wirelessdefensivedriving.com and cancels the enrollment contract before midnight of the sixth day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, after the enrollment contract is accepted by the prospective student, unless the student has successfully completed the course, received a failing grade on the course examination, failed the personal validation questions, did not personally meet the requirements of the course. No refund will be given for any cancellation requested later than six days after the course has been started. By accepting this contract, student acknowledges that it is illegal to attempt to circumvent this course. Any attempt to circumvent this course may result in cancelation of the course by school, no certificate issued and whatever course of action that maybe taken by the courts including but not limited to court fees, fines, warrants and/or higher insurance rates as a result. Circumvention of this course includes, but is not limited to, allowing a person(s) other than the registered student to participate in, any or all, of the six hour course. No refunds will be given to anyone attempting to or circumventing the course. Student also acknowledges that misrepresenting their identity in order to complete this course may constitute perjury. Signature of a course completion certificate under such aforementioned misrepresentation constitutes fraud and could be charged with tampering with a government document, and the penalty for tampering with a government document is two to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

REFUND POLICY: All tuition and fees paid are due and refundable when:
1. the course of instruction is discontinued by the school, preventing a student from completing the course, or
2. the enrollment of the student was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the school, or representation made by an owner or employee of the school or course provider.
All refunds will be completed within 30 days after the effective date of enrollment termination.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: A student must attend the complete 6 clock-hour course including all phases of the approved school curriculum and final exam in order to receive a certificate of completion. Any time missed must be made up.

GRADING AND PROGRESS POLICY: A student may not be certified or given credit for a driving safety course unless a student scores 70% or higher on the final exam. Alternative testing techniques for students with reading, hearing or learning handicaps, and policies for retesting students who score less than 70% will be as follows: 1. Review the material; 2. Translate, if possible; 3. Re-test, verbally if necessary.

RULES OF OPERATION AND CONDUCT: Students terminated for violating rules of conduct may be readmitted at the discretion of the school owner. Student agrees to provide true, accurate and current information upon registration in this course. Student understands, agrees and hereby expressly consents to school the accessing and use of third party databases, including but not limited to, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Safety and or other databases to verify and/or obtain information as to the accuracy of personal information submitted by student. Student agrees to provide a notarized Statement of Assurance verifying students information and identity if requested by school.

Student will NOT receive credit or a certificate (Insurance or Ticket Dismissal), for the course if the student fails to "Register" and "Pay" for the course first. The student agrees to take the “Course” in sequence and agrees to view ALL course content provided (Audio/Video/Text) as approved by the Texas Education Agency. The student ensures the person registering for the course will be the one taking the course.

STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: My acceptance of this form signifies that I have been furnished a copy of the school tuition schedule; cancellation and refund policy; and school regulations pertaining to absence, grading policy, progress, and rules of operation and conduct. I realize that any grievances not resolved by the school and/or wirelessdriving.com, 1508 Mockingbird Drive, Plano, Texas, 75093 may be forwarded to the Texas Education Agency, Driver Training Section, 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, telephone (512) 936-6777.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The school and course provider are prohibited from issuing a certificate of completion if the student has not met all of the requirements for course completion and the student should not accept a certificate under such circumstances. This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student and no verbal assurances or promises not obtained herein shall bind the school or the student.

INSTRUCTOR'S STATEMENT: My signature on the certificate certifies that the foregoing statements on this record are true and correct. Under penalty of law, I attest to the fact that the student whose name and signature appears on this document has successfully completed the number of hours as required under Texas Education Code, Chapter 1001, and that any false information on this document will be used as evidence in a court of law and/or administrative proceeding.

Should wirelessdriving.com or any of its affiliates or representatives need to enforce any or all of this contract and the provisions thereof, including collection of any amounts due hereunder, in addition to all monies to which it is entitled or any relief, at law, wirelessdriving.com shall be entitled to recover from student and student agrees to pay reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees and all costs of any litigation or other dispute resolution proceeding.

PROVIDER’S PRIVACY POLICY: Wirelessdefensivedriving.com will not sell or allow to be used by any third party not directly owned or operated by company, any information obtained by/for the student for purposes of completing this course. We will never ask for social security numbers and will not retain credit card or debit card numbers or related information. Therefore, should addition services be requested for/ by student, student agrees to furnish wirelessdrive.com or it’s qualified representative with such information needed to be rightfully charged for such service.


Cost of course: $30.00

Cost of Driving Record: $24.95

Cost of shipping: $0.00

Discounted Amount: $0.00

Total Amount: $30.00